Typographic Wall Calendar

Posted by on November 3, 2010 at 12:31 am.

I was very pleased when German typographer, Harald Geisler got in touch to tell me about his latest typographic venture, the Typographic Wall Calendar. But there’s a twist of course! It’s going to be constructed entirely from old computer keyboard keys – being that it’s for the year 2011, it will literally be made with 2 thousand and 11 individual keyboard keys! Each month, day and date will be documented in the work as shown in the image below.

The resulting entire years worth of layout will be photographed and then be purchasable as B0 wall sized prints!

It’s a completely unique project, and both an expensive and huge undertaking for Harald, whom I must say is very humble and understated.

He has chosen the Kickstart project to help attract backers and financiers for the project, so please click along to the project page for Harald’s typographic calendar where you can see just how he will go about the project. You can also back the project here financially, which would be fantastic if you are able to! To read more about Harald’s working approach to the project, read Mike McGregor’s Q&A with him. Below is the fantastic result of 2010’s version, and you’ve guessed it… it was made from 2 thousand and 10 keys!

Aside from taking on these large scale projects, Harald runs his own typographic studio in Frankfurt am Main and has produced some pretty stunning typefaces which can be seen at haraldgeisler.com and purchased via myfonts.com.

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