Font Aid V Is Upon Us

Font Aid V has arrived. Sadly every time there is a Font Aid event, this usually means that something fairly devastating has happened. In this case the catalyst for Font Aid V has been the recent and terrible events in Japan.

In times of a Font Aid appeal, The Society of Typographic Aficionados organizes charitable designers to contribute to a themed font. Previous Font Aids have included typefaces comprised entirely of ampersands and another consisting of only fleurons. The latest Font Aid, called Made For Japan, is a face consisting of glyphs representing their designers interpretations of Japan.


Book Review: Just My Type

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts

Written by Simon Garfield (352 pages)
Published by Profile Books (21 Oct 2010)

I must confess I did struggle with the first chapter of Just My Type. That’s because it deals with Comic Sans, and I am an avid Comic Sans Hater! When I stopped for a moment to consider how much I don’t like that font, and how well the case both for and against the dreaded Sans were put forward, I knew this was a book for me. It was great to learn about the font that I consider my nemesis and to learn that its designer, Vincent Connare, is fully aware of the mixed opinions and welcomes the banter!


Typographic Wall Calendar Update

Having been in touch with Harald just a couple of days ago, and watching very closely the progress of his Kickstarter project to create his unique Typographic Calendar for 2011; he has announced the successful raising of the required funding. This is obviously great news and many people have commented on how unique and fascinating the final product will be.


Mobilising the Characters

I’m proud to announce the official launch of the mobile friendly version of the site. It’s been worked on for some time and is finally precise enough to launch to the world!

That’s right, you can now get all your favourite typography reviews, content, resource and reference directly on your mobile device! What’s more, if you save Flush Left as a desktop bookmark, you will be able to run it as a Web Application (so no need to even launch your web browser)!

Here are some of the custom navigation icons used throughout the mobile version of the site:


Typographic Wall Calendar

I was very pleased when German typographer, Harald Geisler got in touch to tell me about his latest typographic venture, the Typographic Wall Calendar. But there’s a twist of course! It’s going to be constructed entirely from old computer keyboard keys – being that it’s for the year 2011, it will literally be made with 2 thousand and 11 individual keyboard keys! Each month, day and date will be documented in the work as shown in the image below.

The resulting entire years worth of layout will be photographed and then be purchasable as B0 wall sized prints!